Honors Program Information

Incoming 6th grade Honors Program Information

Harris Middle School

Honors process for incoming 6th grade students - school year 2020-2021

Harris Middle has updated the process of determining 5th grade students who qualify for 6th grade honors classes. HMS will no longer give an entrance assessment. HMS will collect several pieces of data from the elementary schools for all 5th grade students in the Shelbyville city limits. Data will include iReady diagnostic results for ELA and math, Aimsweb data for ELA and math, and TNReady data. Once the data is compiled, students qualifying for 6th grade honors classes will be notified by mail. The letter will be an "opt out" notification. If the letter is not returned, your student will be scheduled for 6th grade honors classes. Notification letters will go out the week of February 24th, 2020.


***If your student attends Liberty, Community, or Cascade, and you wish to be considered for 6th grade honors classes at Harris Middle, you will need to send an email to Mr. Watson or leave a message with the front office for Mr. Watson by February 14, 2020.

Please include: your student's name, parent name, contact information, and the school they attend.

Upon receipt of your request, Harris Middle will obtain your student's data and process it with all other 5th grade student data. You do not have to make the request for your student's data***


If you have any questions, please email Neil Watson.


Neil E. Watson


Harris Middle School

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